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  • Wired wall station with light and lock features.
QTY 1+

  • Features light and lock function
  • Vacation switch de-activates remote controls & keyless entry
  • Works with Lynx residential openers built from 2000
  • Comes with wire and mounting hardware .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Deluxe Wall Console for Genie Intellicode Series II only
  • 3 function console: operates door opener controls lights and security lock out switch
  • Compatible with Code Dodger
  • Same as previous part number: GPWC-2WLB .......more details
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  • Three-function wall console with backlit panel that is easy to locate in the dark.
  • Sure-Lock mode allows you to lock-out the keypad and remotes for extra security at night or while on vacation
  • When Sure-Lock®®®®®®® is ON and the garage door is in the fully closed position the powerhead cannot be activated by the wall console or a remote.
  • Same as GBWCSL2-BX .......more details
QTY 1+

  • 3 function wall console for use with IntelliG®®®®®®® and TriloG®®®®®®® openers.
  • Same as GBWC-BX
  • 3 function console operates door opener controls lights and security lock out switch.
  • Not compatible with Series II .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Series II Multi-Function Wall Console (White Color)
  • Vacation Lock button disables remote access
  • Light Control Button
  • This item has been discontinued and replaced by #39165R .......more details
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QTY 1+