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  • Replaces HAE00039
  • Control board for LSO LDO LCO models
QTY 1+

  • New version board works on operators with a red cover
  • Replacement logic board for Napoleon/Lynx Proline garage door opener
  • For openers built June 2008 or later (date code 0806 or newer)
  • This board does not have a transformer. .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Old version board works on operators with a blue cover
  • Replacement logic board for Napoleon/Lynx Proline garage door opener
  • For openers built before 2008
  • This board has a transformer (the new board does not) .......more details
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  • Fits the Legacy overhead model and the PMX500 model and is compatible with:
  • 696CD/B
  • Genie PMX/B Model PMX500-IC/B
  • Model 496CD/B .......more details
QTY 1+

  • For ReliaG 800 model 2022 gaarage door opener ®®®®®®® Genie 37028A Control Board for Genie Models 2022 2024 and 2042 Chain / Belt Drive Openers ®®®®®®® Works for the following models only: ®®®®®®® ReliaG 800 (2024) PRO Series 1 Pie
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  • For use on Easy Operating System (EOS) units 4500E 4700E and M50.
  • Includes the terminal strip for direct replacement of boards that had a power surge or burned out.
  • The marantec old model number was 78914 it is now 97798.
QTY 1+

  • For models: PCG500ML PCG700ML GCG350ML 2020L
  • Works on 315Mhz and 390Mhz
QTY 1+

  • For Genie Screw Drive garage door opener models: PRO95 CM8600 CM7600 Series II ISL950A IS550
  • Replaces part number 31184R
QTY 1+

  • Compatible with Genie 1022 1042 ChainLift 600 and QuietLift 600 models.
  • Purple
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  • For use on M Line- M-4500 and M-4700 models.
  • For use on Q Line - 7500 and 7700 models.
  • For use on Martin DC 3500E and DC 3700E models.
  • Replaces 8054216. Special programming needed. Instructions included .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Replaces board 38001R3.S and 37470R3.S
  • Compatible with Genie Series 3 model 3024 garage door opener systems and Overhead Door Series 3 Model 7030
QTY 1+

QTY 1+

QTY 1+

  • Replaces any circuit board starting with 37028
  • Does not come with new housing
  • Compatible with models 1022 1024 1042 1026 2022 2024 2042 2026 and 2027
QTY 1+

  • Replaces board # 34514R # 20380R
  • 36190S.S is a six terminal board for use primarily with ML Chain Glide devices.
  • Replacement board for Chain Drive models: IC250B PMX300 PMX500 ICB and 496.696 CD/B
  • Replacement board for Chain Glide models: GCG350 GCG350L GCG350M PCG400 PCG450 PCG500ML PCG600 PCG650 H2000C OCG510 OCG550 OCG600ML OCG710 and OCG800ML .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Replaces the following models: 38001R1.S 38001R2.S 38001R3.S 38001R4.S 38513R.S 38514R.S 37470R1.S 37470R2.S 37470R3.S 37470R4.S 38334R1.S 38334R2.S 38334R3.S 38334R4.S
  • Compatible with Series II Controls and comes with only the circuit board
  • In order for this kit to function properly it is important that customers know the model of their opener.
  • If unsure as to what resistor needs to be remove refer to the instructions that came with the unit .......more details
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  • Same as # 83364
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