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  • Leaf Weight: Up to 660 lbs (300 Kg)
  • Leaf Length: Up to 10ft (3 m)
  • Opening / Closing time: 17 seconds
QTY 1+

  • For swing gates with leaves up to 5 m
  • Underground installation.
  • BM5024 Motor: Irreversible 24 Vdc with magnetic encoder complete with connecting lever and mechanical stop for the closing manoeuvre.
  • Compatible with 2 foundation metro boxes externally chamfered with mechanical stop on opening: in stainless steel (BMBOXI) ideal for use in extreme conditions and with the new cataphoresis paint finish (BMBOX) highly resistant to corrosion. .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Electromechanical road barrier system for control of road access.
  • 24 Vdc gearmotor
  • Robust structure in steel new high strength balancing springs guaranteed up to 1000000 opening and closing operations and elliptical section bar with high wind-gust resistance.
  • Work cycle (cycles/hour): 350 .......more details
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