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  • Post mount with Intercom
  • RemotePro KP 26 bit wiegand output keypads
  • Available in three different mounting configurations: post single gang or flush.
  • All single gang RemotePro KP models are available with a silver aluminum faceplate. .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Capable of accepting up to 2000 codes
  • 4 assignable and programmable built-in relays
  • Mounting versatility and available in 3 colors: Gray Nickel or Silver
QTY 1+

  • For use with LR-2000 and LR-3000 readers
  • Operating temperatures from -58®®®®F to 185®®®®F (-50®®®®C to ®®®®C)
  • Reading Distance up to 25 feet
  • Battery not needed passive tag .......more details
QTY 1 - 9 10+

QTY 1+

  • Self-contained keyless entry system ideal for airports hospitals warehouses office buildings parking lots and many other commercial facilities
  • Rugged cast aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor mounting on a wall or pedestal
  • Four independent outputs and timers: two form C relays and two solid-state open collector outputs with unique programming per entry code
  • Up to 480 programmable input codes of one to six digits each for activating either or both relays .......more details
QTY 1+

  • The TAC1 can be connected to two devices such as a door or gate using the two independently controlled relays or wirelessly using Security technology standard or any combination of the two.
  • Provides wired communication and secure access control at the gate or door.
  • Measurements: 6" h x 8.75" w
QTY 1+

  • 120 users
  • Indoor/outdoor self contained brushed metal housing
  • Surface mount vandal resistant design
  • One piece housing suitable for wall post or gooseneck mounting .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Can manage up to 10 doors (2 on-board and 8 using four 2-door expansion modules AX22)
  • Reader Inputs: 2
  • On-board Embedded Web Server (AES encryption) .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Replacement board only
QTY 1+

  • Works with the Promi500
  • Square in shape color is black
QTY 1 - 99 100+

  • BY PASS Board for 1150051
  • Same as KSN1600341B
QTY 1+

  • Replacement board only for USVD-4X
QTY 1+

  • The Model AM-PC Proximity Card is a Wiegand format proximity type access control card with a slot for attaching to a key ring use with AM-PR proximity reader.
  • Passive operation
  • Low-cost
  • Durable .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Answer the gate intercom and open the gate from anywhere in the world ®®®®®®® 1-way video 2-ways audio communication with visitor ®®®®®®® Simultaneously calls up to 4 devices ®®®®®®® Use your smartphone phone as virtual key ®®®®®®® Connect to the intercom directly throug
  • Entry codes: 1200
  • Ethernet Range: 328 ft
  • Wifi Range: 197 ft (subject to Wifi router range and environmental conditions) .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Also known as: SNRLOCK 002B0799-3 SN6900110
QTY 1+

  • Also known as 041D0341 41D341
  • Replacement cover for EL25
QTY 1+

  • Available in Black White or Yellow
  • Stand not included
QTY 1+

  • Token only
QTY 1+

  • The KPR2000 supports a maximum of 2000 users in multiple access configurations (card only 4 to 6 digit PIN only or a combination of card and PIN).
  • Supports HID 26 and 30-bit Wiegand proximity card formats.
  • Designed for outdoor environments with a sealed weather proof design allowing you to easily mount anywhere.
  • Functions as a Stand-Alone Controller or in Pass-Through Mode (Wiegand Keypad Wiegand Proximity Credentials ASCII Keypad). .......more details
QTY 1+

  • Increased Surveillance: Screen visitors and solicitors safely from inside your home
  • Superior Range: Crystal clear two-way wireless communication up to 500 ft. (152.4 m) without any obstructions
  • Stand Alone Keypad: Program up to 100 entry codes for added security
  • Motion activated backlit keypad .......more details
QTY 1+