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  • The MGT is the industry®®®®®®®®s only fully supervised gate safety edge transmitter.
  • It automatically sends an hourly status report to the access controller indicating battery condition and if the transmitter is operational.
  • Should the edge sensor be disconnected shorted or tampered with the MGT will report a trouble condition.
  • Features Include: .......more details
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  • The Model 302850 is a dual frequency receiver. An internal jumper selects either 300 MHz or 310 MHz operating frequency.
  • The 300 MHz frequency is compatible with standard Multi-Code transmitters
  • The 310 MHz frequency is compatible with the Stanley version Multi-Code transmitters.
  • Operates on 12-24 volts AC or DC power .......more details
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  • High gain superheterodyne receiver
  • High RFI immunity
  • Supplied with F-connector whip antenna and mounting bracket
  • Memory: storage for up to 40 MegaCode transmitters .......more details
QTY 1 - 9 10+

  • Post mount with Intercom
  • RemotePro KP 26 bit wiegand output keypads
  • Available in three different mounting configurations: post single gang or flush.
  • All single gang RemotePro KP models are available with a silver aluminum faceplate. .......more details
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  • 11-Pin base
QTY 1+

  • Spare key only for model 12-000I
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  • Leaf Weight: Up to 660 lbs (300 Kg)
  • Leaf Length: Up to 10ft (3 m)
  • Opening / Closing time: 17 seconds
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  • Compatible with Lux 2B gate operator
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  • The CarSense 101 provides a solution for many vehicle detection challenges. Where safety is an issue the CarSense 101 detects moving vehicles in blind areas along a driving path and actuates warning lights.
  • For access control applications requiring free exit the CarSense 101 detects vehicles and actuates gates overhead doors and other parking barriers.
  • Controls and indicators are mounted on front panel
  • Available in 9 - 41 VDC 6 - 29 VAC. .......more details
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  • The VMD202 Vehicle Motion Detector is the most advanced single-piece vehicle motion sensor on the market today.
  • The probe and its electronics are housed in a slim design that is buried next to a driveway.
  • The VMD202-R Sensitivity Remote Control (sold separately) makes installation and fine tuning simple
  • Probe assembly and wire are water tight and direct burial compatible .......more details
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  • 2 required per machine
  • Sold individually
  • 1" x 15" long
QTY 1+

  • Designed to fit 2" round gate post
  • Do NOT bend
QTY 1+

  • Designed to fit 2" round gate post
  • Do NOT bend
QTY 1+

  • Designed to fit 2" round gate post
  • Do NOT bend
QTY 1+

  • Used on various Linear Gate operators
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  • Combines small size with 9VDC to 240VAC input range.
  • Size: 73 x 38 x 78mm
  • ULTRAMETER®®®®®®® display indicates the appropriate sensitivity setting the vehicle positioned on the loop
  • Ten (10) sensitivity adjustments .......more details
QTY 1 - 4 5 - 9

  • Low voltage used for automatically opening gate when exiting property without requiring the use of a remote control transmitter key pad or any other operator control device.
  • Can be located up to 150' from the gate. Senses automobiles on a driveway up to 12' wide moving more than 5 m.p.h.
  • A second probe can be connected in parallel for additional coverage or for automatic opening in or out.
  • Available in a five wire (recommended for use with GTO operators) and a three wire version. .......more details
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  • Wand only
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  • Wand only
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  • For use with D-TEK detectors (Grey one is usually used)
  • Special Order Only
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